Oyster soup

Measure for 10 people.


Oysters 20 pcs, Olive oil 0.10 l, Vegetable oil 0.05 l, Butter 0.05 kg, Flour 0.10 kg, Sweet cream 0.20 l

White wine “Malvasia” 0.20 l, Yolk 2 pcs, Lemon 0.20 kg, Fish stock 3 l, Salt 0.020 kg, Ground white pepper as desired


Open the washed oysters and separate them from the shell, trying to save the liquid that comes out of the oysters. Add oysters and a little white wine to the liquid thus preserved and poach briefly, about 1 minute. Heat the oil and butter and make a light brown sauce, add the stock and juice of the poached oysters and let it cook while gently stirring. Strain the finished soup through a fine strainer, add seasoning, add egg yolk, lemon juice and cream, taste and add poached oysters and serve sprinkled with finely chopped parsley. I would personally recommend you to work on olive oil without butter.