Ostrea edulis, commonly known as the European flat oyster, is a species of oyster native to Europe and especially our region of Adriatic Sea.

Shells are oval or pear shaped, white or cream in colour, with a rough surface showing pale brown concentric bands on the right valve. The two valves are quite different in shape and size, as the left one is concave and fixed to the substratum, while the right one is almost flat and fits inside the left. The inner surface is smooth with colour going from ivory cream to white grey.

We grow our oysters for at least two years, and hand-pick them for the best tasting experience.

Our oysters have bold and briny taste, locked within its smooth, delicate meat.

They are best enjoyed chilled over ice and with a drop or two of lemon. But don’t stop at that, check out some of our traditionaln recipes.