Mediteraneean mussel or in latin Mytilus galloprovincialis are large, smooth-shelled black to blue mussels, typically 5 to 8 cm but can grow even 12cm long. The two shells are equal in size and almost four-sided in shape. The outside of the shell is black–violet in colour. On one side the rim of the shell ends with a pointed and slightly bent side while the other side is rounded, although shell shape varies from region to region.

Our mussels are rope cultured and harvested upon a demand by our crew at river Krka estuary, located about 4 miles downstream from the nation park Krka and 2 miles upstream from town of Sibenik, on the Raft 22.

The fast growth rate in the nutrient rich waters insures a firm texture with a flavour sweeter than any other mussels, with not a trace of sand or grit.

The rope culture system enables the mussels to grow to harvest size within one year. They typically reproduce in the early spring and are half grown in summer and ready to consume in winter.

We manage to maintain an ongoing rotation among the ropes, between juvenile mussels and those ready to harvest, enabling year-round mussel production and optimum quality.

Mediterranean mussels are preferred for the full rich flavour and clean aroma. Our mussels are easy to prepare and excellent additions to pasta, paella, or just steamed in butter, white wine, and fresh herbs.