Dalmatia Sea Food


In 1980’s an old Sibenik family started the production of rope grown mussels, among the first ones on the coast.

In 2019 we’ve gathered the crew as motivated as our predecessors to keep developing this 40 year old shellfish farm and continue to provide our customers with the best shellfish on the Adriatic coast.

Our crew takes special care with every shellfish they raise by hand. We never feed or fertilize our shellfish; we simply give them an ideal place to grow and thrive. As a matter of fact, mussel farming provides enhanced habitat and ecosystem services for many species and improves the health of the marine environment.


Our mission is to grow exceptional quality, healthy, sustainable shellfish, superior customer service and unique consumer experience. Our farming, harvest and processing methods have positive impact on the environment. Our goals are:

  • Work to improve the aquatic environment that we depend on.
  • Support the economic and social development of our community
  • Lead our industry by example to incite positive change in economic development and social responsibility.

Sustainability statement

Platfroma 22 Shellfish Farms works to ensure that our farming, harvest, and processing methods have positive impact on the environment. Our shellfish are grown off bottom to ensure that the habitat is left untouched. In addition, shellfish naturally sequester carbon from the atmosphere and work to counter the effects of Global Warming.

The mussel and oyster long lines serve a higher purpose than just growing mussels. The long lines create protection and habitat for many fish species. The lines act like a algae forest, creating protection from predators and a nursery for juvenile fish, crustaceans, invertebrates and many more sea creatures.

Water quality is essential to healthy marine ecosystems. Our farming location is constantly monitored for water quality by public institutions, so we know that the water is clean and healthy.

And we are everyday here, on our Raft 22 to keep this promise, so stop by and